Str8 Ca​$​h (Single)

by Van Gumby

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(free) 03:21


Our Thanksgiving Day Single, 2009


released November 26, 2009




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Van Gumby

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Track Name: Str8 Ca$h
i'm so tired of the vacant pillow talk said the graying playboy from behind the dusted steinway
the excelsior and the diamante
i'll have a bottle of your finest pinot grigio
i'll have a bottle of your finest recherché
and put it all on my account
for i have no head for math today

straight cash
straight money
first class
aw no

she took all of her jewels off
laid them out in a blinking cabaret
the heiress beneath the pompadour with crow's feet
and lengthy cigarettes out on the terrace while the children played
oh wendy won't you bring out the smelling salts?
i fear i have indigestion i fear that i'm consumptive
will you pray?


and beneath the parlor where the serfs lay snoring and heave through dreamless plebian slumbers
a noise like low moaning comes drifting up with the all the horrendous implications of a gas leak
let them all eat cake whilst we play at charades until the blade falls
whilst we play until the blade falls