She Has Arrived (EP)

by Van Gumby

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Recorded in the fall and winter months of 2009. All songs by Spencer Tricker, except "Seasons Go," by Shomik Chakrabarti and Spencer Tricker.

Van Gumby:
Flip - guitars
Asa - vocals and guitars
Mahoney - bass, guitars, and vocals
Uncle Nick - the drums

Unending love and gratitude to friends and family

Dedicated to Lobing Samson (1913-2008) and to Romance

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released January 1, 2010




all rights reserved


Van Gumby

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Track Name: She Has Arrived
These lips that tremble won't make you come they won't shake your lungs no not either one
But soft as a lover's cross takes a gun might spin the chamber might make you ruin my love
She has arrived
I won't make you come
She has arrived
I won't make you go
A shit-storm of rubble flies weighs a ton and war wages on there's nowhere to run
But fast as the missiles fly lasers on I won't chase you home I won't chase you home my love
She has arrived
(Send me your pillow)
Track Name: Astrogirl
Astrogirl you're needed in the earthbound world
I'm just about to lose my mind so come on home
I know you from yet another desperate time
Though I could never keep my head from out of the clouds
Hey we never get too far just sleeping
Seduced by the visions in our brains
You know me I've never been the one to smile
But anything you say I'll do I'm under your spell now
The fountain springs, Octobers in a wintry town
So anyplace that you might fly's where I want to go
Though we never gain our sense of meaning
We've longingly grasped at things unknown
Well lately I just can't shake the feeling
The moment you miss your chance it's gone
So I want to tell you astrogirl
You're needed in the earthbound world
I'm just about to lose my mind
Come on home
Track Name: Seasons Go
Coming out of focus, seasons go, I couldn't resist
The brakes and how they broke us I'll never know
Hey like a swarm of locust, seasons go, but follow the gist
I never lost my focus oh what's the use?
Baby try a little harder
Baby try a little heart
Baby try a little harder from now on
In and out of focus, seasons go, just swallow the risk
The fakes and how they sold us on everything
Hey in amongst the crocus, seasons go, just blow 'em a kiss
The time and all the flowers where do they go?
Track Name: West St. Gurl
She's not that kind of girl
She's got her choice of worlds
She's not addicted to coffee and pills
And she's not derailed by things
She's no incautious dame
She's got a chemistry it's all of her own

She's got some joie-de-vivre
She's not some dull eyed fiend
She's got a mansion on the outskirts of town
And she's always up by twelve
She's got this thing for elves
And she's a little bit haughty as well

She's a west street girl
She's my west street girl