Masters of Panic (EP)

by Van Gumby

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recorded by spencer tricker in orlando, fl and new milford, ct
cover photo by caroline torres
all songs by spencer tricker, except "the last man" by shomik chakrabarti and st


released September 24, 2009

van gumby is ronnie "flip" van gumby and asa van gumby





Van Gumby

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Track Name: Grecian Idol
goodbye my grecian idol it’s been far too long
i passed this lonesome year now i finally made it home
and hey ain’t that a? one avenue over
and yo ain’t that joe? he’s a casanova
and when he gets home it won’t be alone
i’m just so sick of that movie so
goodbye my parisian idylls here’s my little song
and your kiss so suicidal i think it collapse my lung
but i can’t keep sitting idle i need a place to roam
Track Name: Reasons
reasons you haven’t found a purpose
you’re so addicted to your life
god it’s a miserable circus the reasons you find
once as a child you were so generous
and loved like a waterfall inside
but now you just spin a lot of bullshit and no reason why
reasons you’ve never found a purpose
your will folds up every single time
and now just the gentlest reminder
love is unkind
Track Name: Rebecca
how can i tell you the truth
when you don’t want to hear about meanings
you can't even hear about proof
when lines aren’t so liberally moved
you can stay in your memory
you might say it’s the worst you can do
rebecca you are on my mind
and when you said the past is best left behind
we say the wrong things at the wrongest of times but my darling rebecca you were mine
the moment you mention love
you’ll know it’s a wasted effort
'cause she never breathes the word
and you’ll stick the knife in your own back
now i am not pausing for your faith
you can melt in the middle if you want
i can’t even get around words
highlights of earth and where were you
you can speak in your riddles all you want
i can’t even talk about you
rebecca, you know my face
and when you’ve grown old and i am spaced
we’ll dream of the steps we can never retrace
rebecca we’re so easily replaced
so don’t even mention love
you know it’s the vainest effort
and she’ll never breathe the words
so you’ll stick the knife in your own back

i guess i’m getting my own back
Track Name: The Last Man
sweet elvira i’m nearly positive
that if there’s no God in this
we have nothing to fear
and you needn’t be so uptight
you needn’t be so upset when i scoot over love
won’t you settle down
won’t you settle in for the long haul
can’t we settle down
can’t we settle in for the long haul
and barring any new developments
would you say that i'm developing into quite the specimen after all
the worst has come to worst
i’m the last man on this earth but won’t you add it up
they used to call this paradise
so i suppose i have no use
it’s a woman’s right to choose
i just want to know win or lose
can't you tell me what’s the difference